Jul 06

Scalp psoriasis or Seborrheic Dermatitis?

OK. It’s been a great while since I posted anything about my hair or anybody else’s for that matter. There’s a reason. There always is. My number one reason is that I have started working out like it is my job! Actually, it kinda is. I started a fitness channel on Youtube -> Fun Fit …

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Dec 21

Miss Jessie’s Titi Branch is dead at 45. The Secrecy Debate

I got a text from a fellow natural hair vlogger the other day and she said that she’d just read that Titi from Miss Jessie’s had passed away. I immediately hopped online to see if I could find out any info and there it was. Titi Branch is dead at the age of 45. It …

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Jun 18

Are Silicones/ Cones Bad for your Hair?

Ever since I started seeking information online for a “healthy hair journey” I have heard the do’s and BIG DON’TS of growing beautiful healthy hair. No more hair grease, petroleum jelly (Vaseline), pink lotion, mineral oil or CONES. If this natural hair thing is new to you then you might not know what “cones” are. …

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May 12

How to handle Matted / Nappy Natural hair

I love how my hair looks, feels and behaves when its been cared for properly and protected. Its soft moisturized and nearly tangle free. Other times a simple puff or afro is my worst enemy. Loose hairstyles (including curly styles) wreak havoc on my fine kinky hair.The additional exposure to the elements and clothing dries …

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Dec 17

Best Iron Supplements for Anemia

Like many women, especially African American women, I have had issues with anemia for quite some time now. The type of anemia that I suffer from is an iron deficiency anemia. Apparently I don’t have enough iron to bring oxygen to my body parts which can leave me feeling weak and tired. My anemia stems …

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Oct 16

Is a Winter Natural Hair Regimen Necessary?

Wear a satin scarf under winter hats

If you’ve been natural for any substantial amount of time you have come across a great deal of info on regimens/routines. Many swear by many products and procedures that work great for their particular hair. But what do you do when your normal regimen seems to stop working when the weather changes? Is a Winter …

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