May 12

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How to handle Matted / Nappy Natural hair

I love how my hair looks, feels and behaves when its been cared for properly and protected. Its soft moisturized and nearly tangle free. Other times a simple puff or afro is my worst enemy. Loose hairstyles (including curly styles) wreak havoc on my fine kinky hair.

Matted Nappy Hair

Matted Nappy Hair

The additional exposure to the elements and clothing dries my hair out terribly and can land me in a nappy hair hellfest!
Matted Tangled hair fully detangled

Matted Tangled hair fully detangled

Trying to remove tangles from matted tangled hair is a chore and to do it without damaging your hair can be near impossible. So what to do? Deny yourself the satisfaction of ever wearing curls and puffs? Nah! You gotta figure out a routine that allows you soften and easily manipulate your hair with minimal damage. I found an awesome fix for wash day detangling but what about in between styles detangling- like going from a wash and go to a twist out? I found a product that works great for my hair and I just had to share. I LOVE B.A.S.K. Silk Honey Latte Detangling Hair Milk. Watch the video below to see how easily a nappy, tangled, unmanageable mess turns to smooth hair ready for the next style!

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  1. NEWDMagazine

    Do you have a great story about how went from regularly rocking all kinds of weaves – silky, wavy, Brazilian Remy – to being a straight up, bonafide naturalista? And, do you have the pictures to prove it? Share your conversion story at http://www.blacknaturalhairstyles.org. We’d love to hear about it.

  2. Shelley

    Wow. That worked nice on your hair. Its expensive though.

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