Oct 16

Is a Winter Natural Hair Regimen Necessary?

Wear a satin scarf under winter hats

If you’ve been natural for any substantial amount of time you have come across a great deal of info on regimens/routines. Many swear by many products and procedures that work great for their particular hair. But what do you do when your normal regimen seems to stop working when the weather changes? Is a Winter …

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Sep 05

The unknown cause of Edema & Treatment for Swollen Feet

I promised you a mini-series of articles about edema and edema treatments and it is full time that I made good on that promise. If you missed the first installment in the series be sure to read “Is Turmeric A cure for Edema?”. Hope that it is helpful. Before we jump into to another edema …

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Jul 26

How our “small wedding” got BIG

Well as many of you know, I’s married now! Lol. My new hubby asked me to marry him for the first time a few years ago. I don’t even know when it was because I didn’t pay him no mind. I thought he was kidding. Well however many years, months and days later we have …

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Jul 07

Why Matcha Green Tea is the best Green Tea

Who, by now, hasn’t heard about the health benefits of drinking tea? It’s the obvious choice over sugary, processed, GMO & pesticide laced drinks. Many forms are chock full of cancer fighting antioxidants including plain old black tea. I was way into the oolong tea craze for weight loss (that we heard about from Oprah). …

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Jun 19

The big FAT lie. Is Saturated fat GOOD for you?

The BIG FAT lie? Is Saturated fat good for us? This is a repost of one of my articles originally written for “Women Talk, Little Girls Listen” Whenever I am online looking up natural ways to overcome an illness or condition, it is a given that someone is going to mention giving up meat and …

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Jun 10

How my Fibroid caused a duodenal Ulcer!

If you’ve followed me or my blog for a while you know that I have a fibroid that just won’t quit. Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors that grow in or on a woman’s uterus. A doctor at the clinic told me mine is about 12cm. It has been very easy to spot if I just lay …

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