Jun 04

We Lost Our Baby

I have some very sad news. Our dreams of parenthood have been tossed away again. We lost our baby that we had been fretting over for the last few weeks. The story is a tad complicated and the words flowed more freely on video. Thank you all for the many prayers, well wishes and condolences. …

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May 28

I FINALLY tried a Braid-Out

In case you haven’t noticed, I share a lot of protective styles with you all. I like them most because they look so neat and polished. I also have a naughty side and it wants nothing to do with my neat girl image. Sheba (She’s such a queen) likes to let loose. I have found …

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May 24

International Natural Hair Meetup Day 2013 (L.A.)

image showing Alt Text

Since my very first meet-up I knew they were the thing for me. I am kind of an attention whore so I fiend for the attention and I have always been a bit of a social butterfly. It fits right in line with my talking to much (don’t act like you didn’t know). Lol. When …

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Apr 09

Upside Down French Braid Bun

This style has been a favorite updo hairstyle of mine for quite a while. I have quietly admired it from afar on other people on youtube but dared not try it. The Upside Down French Braid Bun was a special hairstyle and it deserves special consideration. I had never even seen it done on Black …

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Mar 23

Wear HIS necktie as a belt!

I know we are always looking for the next hot thing. Well this style has been around for awhile but I think its still in. At least in my circle I still get rave reviews. I have seen a growing trend of using ties for uses other than they were intended. Have you noticed this …

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Mar 14

Natural Cellulite Remedy- Dry Skin Brushing

If you followed me for a while on my previous websites then you have already seen the huge amount of cottage cheesy cellulite I had on my thighs. There was so much that I have saddlebags on my thighs just to hold it all. My shame and fear of wearing shorts and mini skirts forced …

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