Wear HIS necktie as a belt!

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OOTD: Tie used as a belt

I know we are always looking for the next hot thing. Well this style has been around for awhile but I think its still in. At least in my circle I still get rave reviews. I have seen a growing trend of using ties for uses other than they were intended. Have you noticed this as well? I personally love to wear ties as belts. For me a black tie on a black skirt works best but for the sake of the video I used a more colorful approach, mostly so you’d be able to see it. You can use a tie in any instance where you might have worn a sash around the waist. They seem to be interchangeable. There is more than one way to achieve this look. I choose to do it the old fashioned way…..with a little help of course. Heaven help those of us that can’t tie a tie. Have you ever worn a necktie as a belt? Find out how in the video and thank me later.

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