Double braided style. Model unknown.

Double Braids Updo- Feed-in Braid Hairstyle

Facebook 56 Pinterest133 Twitter 0 Google+0 I tried to find the source of this style but I couldn’t. It is beautiful anyway. Would you give this style a try if you knew how to do[…]

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@Oums_16 at Curlfest 2017

Facebook 1 Pinterest0 Twitter 0 Google+0 This beautiful photo of @oums_16 was snapped by @mark.c at Curlfest 2017. Doesn’t she look grand? Facebook 1 Pinterest0 Twitter 0 Google+0

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High Bun

Her High Puff is Glorious! | Picture

Facebook 4 Pinterest0 Twitter 0 Google+0 This young lady is gorgeous. I have no idea who she is but she got a spot just for having a banging high puff and a beautiful face! Facebook[…]

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3 Hairstyles in 1 -Braided Front| @Kinsleydeborrah

Facebook 0 Pinterest0 Twitter 0 Google+0 @Kinsleydeborrah did her thing with this style!! So cute and so many variations. Which is your favorite? A post shared by Kinsley Deborrah πŸ‘ΈπŸ½ (@kinsleydeborrah) on Aug 5, 2017[…]

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