3 Year Natural Hair Anniversary

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3 Year Nappiversary flat iron results

It’s my Nappiversary. Woohoo! That basically means it is my 3 year natural hair anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been so long but it has been. I’ve made so much progress over the years. As you will see my hair isn’t as long as many people who have been natural as long as I’ve been but my hair is longer than I’ve even seen it and I’m quite elated. I went along with my usual process at the end of the year. I flat ironed, trimmed and did a length check for you all to see. Since these things are pretty self explanatory I will skip the formality of writing it out and offer these videos to show off my hair at the 3 year mark. Enjoy. P.S. Check out the Baywatch spoof at the end of my Flat ironing video.

Flat Iron Video-

Trim & Length Check Video-

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