5 Beautiful Dreadlock Hairstyles from Musykchyk

We fell in love with all these gorgeous dreadlock hairstyles that Musykchyk put together. She’s a plus sized diva and new mom who is killing the loc scene with her fun and flirty style. See which styles, of hers, we chose for this feature and let us know which is your favorite down in the comments. Don’t forget to share your fave on Pinterest!

Love this cascading Beach Wave dreadlock hairstyle

We love wavy dreadlock hairstyles

Loose High Bun with swooping Bangs

Beyonce inspired Dreadlock hairstyles

Loc Knotted Faux Hawk Dreadlock Hairstyle

Loc knots pulled into fauxhawks are very sassy dreadlock hairstyles

Retro Pinup with Loc Knots and Curls

dreadlock hairstyles with curls can be pinned up for a retro look

You name this Style.

This is the sassiest of Dreadlock hairstyles and so unique I can't name it
I can’t figure out how this dreadlocked hairstyle was done but it is nice!

So these are the styles that stood out to us. How’d you like them? Is she your new dreadlock hairstyles #goals?
Don’t have locs but want to try these styles anyway? Try faux locs?

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