5 Twist-Out Hairstyles for the Week!

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It’s Flashback Friday and I have a good one for you! I used Cantu Shea butter Leave-in, as advised by Natural Chica, to get my hair in a defined twistout. She makes some beautiful and full twist-outs almost daily. I wanted to see how to make it last at first, but then I needed to know what to do with this “lasting Twistout”. I decided to try to find a new style each day. It wasn’t too hard and I got compliments daily. Check out this video tutorial to see how I achieved these twist-out hairstyles for a week. If you like them, let me know in the comments below!

4 thoughts on “5 Twist-Out Hairstyles for the Week!

  1. Oh wow. I just wear mine plain all the time. Thanks for sharing. I am going to try one of these styles. I might try all of them! They are so pretty.

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