Sidebraid with Beaded Ponytail

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The Autumn Sidebraid is a style I found online and fell in love with it. Its basically just a single braid on asymmetrically parted hair. The smaller parted side can be braided, pinned or just put into a neat ponytail with the hair from the larger braid. I like it with this beaded ponytail. It makes my shorter hair hang longer. The simple tutorial is below (with variations). Don’t leave me in the dark! Be sure to let me know what you think below or on youtube.
NOTE: To protect your ends on ponytails fold the end of the tail up and cover with a barrette, hair band or other hair ornament.

2 thoughts on “Sidebraid with Beaded Ponytail

    1. The hair on the ends is tucked into the band. It is not out and exposed. It is protective and it still shows off the length. That’s why I like it.

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