TheLatoya’s Before and After Pipe Cleaner Curls on Sisterlocks

This is the beautiful @theLatoya and her sisterlocks are long, full and beautiful. She styled them with pipe cleaners to get the style on the left, with the hair still curled, and on the right with her flowing pipe cleaner curls. I personally love both styles even though the first is just a prep style. Wondering how she achieved these styles? You’re in luck. She shared her 10 step process down below.

@theLatoya Pipe Cleaner curls before and after

How she Got Pipe Cleaner Curls on her Sisterlocks

1. Wash hair with shampoo only – no conditoner and no other products
2. Towel dry thoroughly
3. Set using 60 pipe cleaners – be warned, it took like 2.5 hours
4. Go under the hair dryer for one hour
5. Sleep in pipe cleaners for a night
6. Walk around the next day with pipe cleaners in your hair and act cute lol
7. Take out pipe cleaners before going to bed the next night and comb out curls
8. Put on a headtie to sleep – tie it pineapple style
9. Finger comb the next morning and shape to your liking
10. Take a selfie lol 😊

Need Pipe Cleaners? You can pick some up at a craft store or get them here -> Dark Color Pipe Cleaners

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