H & M’s Racist Advertising Team Strikes Again!

Black child with a shirt calling him a monkey

H & M’s racist past.

In 2015 H & M got into hot water for racist attitudes toward Black people. A twitter user from South Africa asked that they use more Black models for their global marketing campaign. In response they tweeted back that its workers make selections that “convey a positive image” in its stores. If you’re a little slow on the mark, that is the same as saying that Black people convey a NON POSITIVE image. The twitter dragging was swift and intense. They have since apologied and I guess we thought that after that fiasco they would have gotten some Black people to OK their public statements or made their employees undergo some type of sensitivity training. No such luck.

What did they do NOW?

They are back in the hotseat again! Yesterday myself and many other mortified shoppers came across this advertisement for children’s hoodies. Black child with a shirt calling him a monkey This ad depicts a Black little boy wearing a printed hoodie that says “Coolest Monkey in the Jungle”. After seeing the outrageous picture I went to verify if it was true because we all know there’s a lot a lot of fake plots on the internet. Unfortunately it is quite true. They apparently gave this monkey business the green light with no anticipated issues. Once again there has been outrage but it doesn’t seem to be bothering them in the slightest as the hoodie and the model’s pic are still on the site. It seems as if this whole thing was intentional. Looking at the ad you can see it pictured with 2 other hoodies and neither of them have anything printed on them that would be considered racially insensitive. Those other hoodies, though, were modeled by White little boys. I don’t want the Black child to not make his money but they could have just as easily had him model one of the the OTHER shirts that didn’t mention monkeys.

How many times will we allow this company to take our money while actually treating us like this? I’m done with them. How about you? Let us know in the comments.

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