I FINALLY tried a Braid-Out

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In case you haven’t noticed, I share a lot of protective styles with you all. I like them most because they look so neat and polished.

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Braidout on 4a/4b natural hair
I also have a naughty side and it wants nothing to do with my neat girl image. Sheba (She’s such a queen) likes to let loose. I have found that I can only really do this (Be wild) with a twistout previously, because my wash and gos are stiff and my braid-outs like to showout, and not in the good way. I have disliked braid-outs so much on my hair that I just stopped trying them all together for years. I thought I had rid myself of them forever but something has lured me back. Doggone youtube friends have been having stellar results. After seeing many 4a/4b haired ladies come out with good results I decided it might be time to try again. Welp, here goes. I first over-moisturized which didn’t turn out too bad because my hair dries out quickly from being left loose and free. Then….um well why don’t you just watch the video and let me know what you think->

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