Is a Winter Natural Hair Regimen Necessary?

If you’ve been natural for any substantial amount of time you have come across a great deal of info on regimens/routines. Many swear by many products and procedures that work great for their particular hair. But what do you do when your normal regimen seems to stop working when the weather changes?

Is a Winter Natural Hair Regimen Necessary?
Well the answer to that is strongly dependent on the climate where you live. If you live in an area where the weather is pretty much the same year round, then you might find that your regimen works all the time but; if you live in an area where you have all four seasons, chances are that you will need to do things differently in the fall/winter seasons. Changes in humidity and weather-based wear on hair can cause damage and unnecessary breakage.

Changes that may help

Watch out for humectants in winter
Watch out for humectants in winter

1. Watch out for Humectants
Humectants are substances like glycerin, honey, aloe vera, panthenol etc that work with moisture and humidity, based on the environment. If it is humid then a glycerin based product will draw moisture from the air and bring it into your hair. It is a great moisturizing aid in humid weather. Not quite the case when the air is drier. When the temperature lacks humidity it can draw moisture from your hair into the air.
Try to avoid products that have a humectant or at least those that have them in the first 5 ingredients.

2. Seal Your Ends For Real
Although it is always important to moisturize and seal (no matter the season) it can become a necessity during the colder months. The harshness of the cold weather and the winter clothing, i.e. hats scarves, can dry out your hair more than usual, so keeping hair moisturized is a little harder. You may find that you have to moisturize more than normal and it might be good to use a thicker product for sealing such as pomades or 100% shea butter. Jane Carter’s Nourish & Shine for Dry Hair is a great choice.

Wear a satin scarf under winter hats
Wear a satin scarf under winter hats

3. Protect your hair from Winter Gear
When its cold out and you reach for those awesome stylish scarves, hats and sweaters take a little extra precautionary measures to keep your strands safe from the drying friction and possible breakage. Use satiny or silky scarves or wraps to protect your hair before you toss on that hat etc.

4. Protective Styling/ Low Manipulation
You can cut down on friction and breakage caused by the winds and cold weather by keeping your hands out of your hair and cutting down on manipulation. Winter hair can be less supple and a bit more prone to damage so less manipulation will keep your hair on your head. Buns, braids and kinky twists are very popular protective styles. I have a ton of protective style tutorials on the youtube channel. Just click to check them out-> Protective Hairstyles & More.

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  1. Hello,

    I really enjoyed watching you style your Braid out. I have been naturally know for 10 months. I was natural for 10 years and went back to the perm…..MISTAKE….So now that I’m back natural …..I feel great!

    I had bantu knots for 6 weeks. It really was great. I received so many compliments. The only reason why I took down is because the gray was all over. I like the up do’s.

    I thank you for posting and hope to see more styles in the future.

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