Is Turmeric A Cure for Edema?

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Pitting Edema -Water Retention in Ankles
I am so excited to share this info with you all. I have been doing tons of research on disease, inflammation and the like. I know that pain in the body is due to inflammation. Inflammation can be internal or external. I have both. I have pitting edema and it usually shows itself in my feet and ankles. You can tell if it is pitting edema if your fingerprints remain imprinted in the swollen area for a while after being pressed. This condition is caused by water retention in the body. After I mentioned it in a birthday video a year ago I got a few people contact me about it, desperate for a cure. I didn’t know much about it then except that I read that it is caused by a problem with your kidney, liver or heart. Yikes! That was enough to scare the heck out of me. Doctors said my liver wasn’t damaged (I had it checked first because I had a long history of alcoholism), they also gave my kidneys a clean bill of health. Go figure. I didn’t get my heart checked but I assumed that must be the culprit.
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Painful Edema (Water Retention) behind eye- not visible like pitting edema
Since I have learned a little bit more about this condition (by experimenting on myself) I will do a short Edema Remedy Series adding new remedies that may come up over time. It is always amazing to me how simple some solutions can be. So….. is turmeric a cure for edema? Hear me out and decide.

Now yesterday I was stressed out trying to get my hair right for new headshots. I had a little bit of a headache that I was trying to deal with, without using any over the counter pain relievers. I was not winning the battle. After the photo shoot I went out to dinner and had some seafood (Good) and some bread (bad). I have read how gluten and other additives in grain based foods cause disease and inflammation. Since this is the holiday season, I have to admit I have been going overboard with grain and it is definitely taking its toll on me. I have found out some useful information about grain regarding my edema issues and I am going to be sharing that with you all pretty soon.
My recent over consumption of all things sugar and grain has caused my ankles to stay in swollen mode and yesterday the pain in the back of my eye grew unbearable. I ate, because my boyfriend was convinced it was a hunger headache made worse by my worrying about my hair. I slept because sometimes that works for me but I still had that headache before I had to go to work and I was now nauseous. I have read that turmeric is good at getting rid of inflammation. I explained to my boyfriend that I thought I had some sort of inflammation due to edema in my head or eye area. (I just recently found out you can have edema in most parts of the body and not just in your limbs). He is often underwhelmed towards my excitement with figuring out home remedies. Anyway, I took some mineral multivitamin, grape seed extract and of course my curcumin.

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Turmeric stopped my head edema in its tracks.
(Curcumin is the active ingredient in the spice turmeric that is responsible for the ease of inflammation.) When taking turmeric for anti-inflammation purposes you need a higher dosage than you would get when eating it in food. The extract is a stronger more suitable form for this reason. It is best to get it with Peperine/Bioperine (black pepper) for maximum absorption (also remember to add pepper when cooking with turmeric. This formulation from Vitacost already has the perfect dosage of curcumin and peperine. Get it here-> Buy Turmeric w/ Peperine I decided that I would take 2 of my supplements. (By the way this is the Turmeric that I used.
My bf brought me a big cup of tea and I drank that. I sat at work and my eye started watering uncontrollably. It was really making me angry and the area around my eye felt raw from me wiping the tears. As soon as the tears stopped, so had the pain. What? I looked online and googled “pain behind the eye and nausea”. I read something that explained that that means I could have brain edema or basically water swelling in the brain. That swelling puts pressure on the optic nerve and causes the pain and nausea. Within an hour or two of taking the turmeric/curcumin supplements my nausea started to go away as my eyes continued to drain the water that had been trapped behind it. So Turmeric heals edema? I wouldn’t go as far as to say that, but I will say Turmeric is great at reducing inflammation caused by edema and perhaps other factors. There are studies attesting to its anti-inflammatory properties, so it is definitely worth trying right? Now, I don’t know if my brain was, in fact, swollen, but I know I have edema issues that I have greatly exacerbated by eating foods that cause it, and after taking the pills my eye let out a lot of water and then stopped hurting. That’s enough for me. Feel free to try this remedy yourself when you feel random pains and especially for edema. It is better for you than any medicine because it is good for you and helpful as a liver detoxifier. Be well F.U.N. friends.
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Side Note: It is of interest to note that my ankle swelling didn’t go down as quickly (it was greatly reduced by the next morning though), but I really have been going overboard with the sweets and grains and I have a remedy for this that has been working for me for months now. I’ll share it in due time.

I am not a doctor and this information have not been evaluated or approved by the FDA. This information is anecdotal and not intended to take the place of medical care from a AMA certified doctor. Please seek the help of a physician in the event of a medical problem or emergency.

30 thoughts on “Is Turmeric A Cure for Edema?

    1. Yes you can cook with it but it is best to use higher doses than you can get cooking for medicinal purposes. The pills I used have the right doses for inflammation.

  1. It sounds simple. I guess I can give it a try by just using it when I cook stuff. I’ll let you know if it work.

    1. I only take it sometimes lately. I have a better handle on my edema and don’t get the extreme ankles as much as I used to. If you don’t want any pills then you can just start cooking with it.

  2. Check your heart. Had edema like yours.. Everything looked great..liver, kidney but I had a minor issue with my heart where the valves were not pushing back the blood back to my heart at a normal rate. A very benign issue.. my naturopath told me “my heart is great.. just a little sluggish” so check the heart. I am taking a very good whole food supplement specifically for the heart and it works beautifully… but guess what if you are gluten intollerant all those grains and sugar etc will do it to… so get that checked as well


  3. You stated that your boyfriend brought you a big cup of tea and then your eye started watering. That may have expedite the turmeric supplements. Please tell me what type of tea was it please. Thanks

  4. Oh YES! I get very swollen legs and ankles and used to have to take antibiotics to control it. NOW i uses TURMERIC! I make a paste of turmeric and coconut oil and rub it on my ankles/legs. I then wrap them in papertowels , tape it (like a bandage) and wear this to bed or in the day try to elevate my legs. It works wonderfully. It takes a few days but I get relief and I stop the spread and infection in its tracks. Thank you for your blog and video! xoxo Patti

  5. At 61 I’ve been wearing compression stockings for 5yrs or so, dr advised. I’ve asked my dr several different times what category my edema falls into & I was told low. Well, if I was that dr’s wife, daughter, mother or aunt I’d be hearing differently. And you know that NOBODY has ever offered any kind of herbal/natural items or exercises to do for it. (of course)

    My legs. along w/the legs of my 2 sisters, have ALWAYS looked swollen. (as does my 30yr old daughter) We just always chalked it heredity, my dad’s mom had them (ALWAYS), grandma’s leg’s, we called it, NBD, right? WRONG!!!!!

    A nurse recently told me that if you have some kind of trauma, ie accident, surgery, etc in the leg/ankle area it’s very common to get edema in the trauma area. Well……….now I am screwed cause I had a bike accident when I was 10, yes I’m well aware that it’s been 50+yrs of pain.

    I’ve recovered from my left knee surgery over a yr now & need to have the left hip replaced as well…….YEEEEEEEEEEEE HAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!1……..the fun never ends, does it? So I’ll be doing exercises & taking herbs til then. GOOD LUCK TO US ALL!

  6. Thnx for this information….. I’ve had pitting edema for over 20 yrs…..all doctors prescribe is diuretics…… They only provide temp relief. Really need help as it has become extremely painful now. I’m unable to wear proper shoes or slippers. You mentioned bread n sugars….I love to eat whole wheat bread…..I try to drink a lot of water but…..smh…..done all sorts of tests…..does tumeric really work???

    1. Have the dokters already ruled out lymfedema? I am stuck with this disease and beside of massages and stockings there seems to be no known cure, although my healthy eating habits really show results 🙂 But if you use diuretics it worsens the edema in the case of lymfedema, so make sure your doktor can rule this one out.

        1. You say you don’t have the edema anymore; are you talking about in your head or in your ankles or all over? Can you say that the swelling in your ankles is actually gone? I did not read anywhere in this article where you said that the swelling in your ankles are gone. You talked about the ankles in the beginning of the article but ended with the headache is gone after taking the Turmeric and drinking tea. You never said your ankles were no longer swollen. Correct me if I am wrong. Thanks.

          1. Sorry for such a late response. My swelling is all gone. Whatever was wrong must be over. I have found that carbs and wine cause me to swell up though

  7. I have had swelling ankles since 2014 and my doctor prescribed compression stockings. I hate them and want a solution asap. I cannot wear proper shoes even when I am dressed formally.

    Please help

  8. Thank you Alisa. I am in a bad situation right now. I was never a drinker. However, after my divorce I began to drink quite heavily. After three years I stopped. Unfortunately, I developed cirrhosis and have edema in my ankles and lower legs. I’m going to get some turmeric today, and give it a try. Thanks again for your research and advice.

  9. Hey, I just found this site while looking online for anything to fix my swollen feet. Thanks for sharing your remedies. I am trying Tumeric now.

    I have dealt with swollen feet since my teen years and only once did I have a reprieve of a few months. I was experimenting with intermittent fasting (google it)and my swelling went away completly after a month of following that plan. This leads me to believe that my swelling has to do with some kind of food allergy. Unfortunately I am not disciplined enough to keep it up long term.

    Hope the intermittent fasting helps someone but the Tumeric cure looks a whole lot easier😊

  10. well I have just started turmeric after my cousin said it helped him with knee pain, I have had swollen ankles from 19 after giving birth, had that problem that cause blood pressure in pregnancy in hot weather my ankles are painful and look so ugly that I cry they make me look deformed and knocks your confidence people state the obvious oh your ankles like I don’t know they swollen its painful, so please pray this works doctors are useless give me stockings, hopefully I can start wearing nice shoes again instead of what I wear at the moment, so anyone suffering try turmeric as well they are starting to look and feel better whoppee

  11. I have been told I need a knee replacement. I use to walk on a cane when it was time 2 c my othorpaedic Dr. Nut every since I use TUREMIC in my eggs every day, I’ve had less inflammation. I have eaten smoked & cures HAM around the holidays and I have edema. In the morning I will drink warm TUREMIC and use it in my scrambled eggs. Also, I drink a lemon drink every morning b4 I consume anything. The lemon drink detoxifies the liver and helps to rid the body of excess water. But I am buying the Turemic extract this week. Thank you for your info. Hopefully, I have helped you all. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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