Loanna Novaes’ Huge Beautiful Afro Hairstyles

Loanna's Signature Afro Hairstyle

The beautiful Loanna Novaes of Brazil is a Afro rocking bombshell. I’ve seen her many styles all over the net and I had to hunt her down on her Instagram to truly see just how magnificent her mane actually is. I couldn’t understand a thing on her page because it is in her native language, but the language of natural hair is universal right? She has a ton of long Afro curly hair that she wears in many styles but she is most known for her huge signature afro. Check out our featured Natural Queen’s pictures below. Share your favorite curly Afro style to Pinterest!

This is Loanna’s Signature Big Beautiful Afro!
Loanna's Signature Afro Hairstyle

Here she is sporting a middle part in her Huge Curly Afro
Afro with middle part

A little side Action. It looks like her Afro is pinned to one side for a side puff!
Afro pinned into a side puff. Cute Curly Afro puff

Don’t let the Shrinkage fool you! Loanna stretching her Afro shrinkage.
Stretched afro

She switches it up and protective styles too. Look at these kinky twists!
Long Beautiful Kinky Twists

Her curls are POPPIN’ in this super defined curly Afro
Curly Afro with defined coils. Lovely Afro curly hair

Which one of her styles is your favorite? Do you like features like this? Should we do more like this? Let us know in the comments.

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