Lubricate and Stimulate Edges Growth Challenge

My video with the MOST views on my youtube channel is all about this challenge. Basically I realized that my edges were in bad shape and pretty bald looking. I also noticed some breakage in the middle part I like to wear in my hair. I wanted to try something that would stimulate growth in my trouble zones and I had always heard about certain things being perfect for that. Well you can, of course, use Jamaican Black castor oil- because it is a favorite in the natural hair community and many believe it has the power to grow hair back. You can also try making your own stimulating oils. All you have to do is mix an essential oil with a carrier oil and use it to massage your scalp. This challenge is not really about breakage. It’s about losing hair instead. It is from the inside out. We need something that can reach the hair follicle and effect it positively. Check out my video explaining the challenge and how I want it to work out for me.

I did the challenge for a few months and when I came back the results were not exactly as expected but I think I did get results while finding out some shocking news. You’re interested aren’t you? Here’s the Results video below.

See how that turned out? Well in the comments on these videos many many people joined in the challenge and are still trying it everyday. They are having good results. I say if you’re having a problem with thinning edges or alopecia then give it a try. Hope this helps!
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