Why Matcha Green Tea is the best Green Tea

Who, by now, hasn’t heard about the health benefits of drinking tea? It’s the obvious choice over sugary, processed, GMO & pesticide laced drinks. Many forms are chock full of cancer fighting antioxidants including plain old black tea. I was way into the oolong tea craze for weight loss (that we heard about from Oprah). Not too bad, but there have been many other teas touted for their health benefits since then. There’s been red tea, white tea and of course green tea, with green tea having the most popularity and staying power. How did green tea become so popular, and why? Well, anytime people find out that something might help lose weight with no effort on their part they are all gung-ho, myself included.

I don’t wanna have to work for everything. Really. Well this isn’t just hype talk when it comes to green tea. It does help with weight loss by boosting metabolism, which is the way that we metabolize food into energy. The faster our metabolism the slimmer we tend to be. It is, of course, best to drink our tea (black…I mean green) without added sugar to keep calories low and benefits high.

Matcha Green Tea is a shade grown powdered tea grown only in Japan
Matcha Green Tea is a shade grown powdered tea grown only in Japan
Green tea is not only good for weight loss but it has the highest antioxidant levels of any other tea. The flavor is also pretty light and can be spruced up with cinnamon, ginger, lemon etc.

Drinking green tea is definitely a step in the right direction but…..can we get on a straighter path to wellness? Are there levels of green tea? Are some better than others? Are you drinking the best green tea? Chances are you haven’t even heard of the green tea with the MOST benefit.
It’s called Matcha Green Tea
and it’s so awesome that it comes with its own accessories and ceremonies. Why is this the best green tea? Because of the way it’s made. Normally tea leaves are picked, dried, cut/crumbled and dipped into hot water. The water then becomes a watered down version of the benefits of the leaves. Totally good for you, but not as good as match green tea.

About Matcha Green Tea
First off Mathca green tea is exclusively grown in Japan and has been a part of their tea ceremonies for hundreds of years. Matcha green tea is made in a completely different way than regular tea. A few weeks before harvesting the tea leaves, the tea trees are covered to block out sunlight. The benefits of this being less oxidation plus the leaves get more chlorophyll and pick up a rich dark green color.

Traditional matcha tea set used in tea ceremonies
Traditional matcha tea set used in tea ceremonies
After harvesting the leaves are steamed, air dried and ground into a fine green powder. This powder is the matcha. It is packed with phytochemicals (that help prevent cancer and heart disease) and a walloping dose of antioxidants that support immunity, healthy digestion, proper brain and liver function and my favorite- anti-aging. It has a rich robust taste and when made properly is a frothy, tasty delight. You’re probably wondering how you can prepare tea incorrectly. I think you can make it anyway you like but there is a preferred method. For this you would use the Traditional Matcha Green Tea Set with the tea bowl, the wooden spoon and bamboo whisk (pictured here->)
The traditional method dictates that the powder be strained into the cup/bowl to remove any lumps. Add hot water and whisk until frothy. It can be enjoyed plain but many make delicious lattes, frappes and iced green tea drinks from it. It is also used a food ingredient to make cakes, ice cream etc. Of course I’ve bastardized the whole process by just spooning it into my insulated coffee tumbler- that I take to work- with organic vanilla coffee creamer (I’m hooked on the stuff) and a little coconut oil. Good stuff. I do have the whisk but I only used it once. I’m so untraditional.

Wanna try the concentrated power of the best green tea?
Pick up some here- 100% Certified Organic Matcha Green Tea 1.76 oz (50 grams) Pwdr

Don’t forget the Traditional Matcha Green Tea Set

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