My Domestic Violence Story- World Mental Health Day!

Today is World Mental Health Day. Wow. Are you old enough to remember when we couldn’t even mention such nastiness? Now we are able to discuss it more freely worldwide although it still remains greatly stigmatized in the African American community in general (I’m sure there are others as well).
We often see people denying anything is wrong with family members and making excuses. Without acknowledging that there is an issue we can’t get help for people who need it. They types of mental conditions seems to be increasing with autism and dementia on the rise. There are so many types of mental illness/conditions that it hardly seems fair to lump them all together. I had depression for a while and I don’t care to be lumped in with a sociopath or serial killer but progress is progress. Perhaps with this acknowledgement we might find more solutions to bring about mental health for everyone.

Black Eyes are common for abuse victims. I’ve had many.

For today I have decided to dredge up a rather painful time in my life just to show how much better things can get. This video is me talking about all (3) of my domestic violence relationships. At one point I tried to kill myself because I was so depressed and I felt so trapped. It is a myth that Black women don’t get beat up by men. I got a huge amount of feedback from African American women in abusive relationships after originally posting this video. I am glad to be back in the game of life and I plan to stay here. I wish you all great Mental Health today and always.

Happy World Mental Health Day!
National Domestic Violence Hotline #: 1−800−799−SAFE(7233)

4 thoughts on “My Domestic Violence Story- World Mental Health Day!

  1. The defenseless are who suffer. You are , or we are all used as life moves. It’s the fact that we get used incorrectly or misused that keeps the cycle going. It’s unforgettable and lives in your subconscious. It’s difficult to get past and may haunt you. We try, but it shows itself in our relationships, with family and people in general. Life has changed and you or we are no longer defenseless. When treated correctly the human spirit is limitless. You are a joy. I regret that these things took place, but you have overcome and became the most beautiful person on earth. YOU!

  2. I cried with you watching your video because we have so much in common. That was very corageous of you to share your story with everone and I’m so proud of you that you survived the physical and mental abuse that you did not deserve. I know that your message will help someone else who is going through this right now! God bless you and you are beautiful!

  3. I am very sorry that this happened to you. The funny thing is i found you whole looking for a wash and go regimin and the first thing i said when i saw you is now pretty you are.
    I dot understand and i never will why people are so cruel. I wish you the best and i will not forget how you shared your experience, and how touched i was by your spirit. God be with you.

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