Natural Cellulite Remedy- Dry Skin Brushing

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Cellulite on my thighs & butt

If you followed me for a while on my previous websites then you have already seen the huge amount of cottage cheesy cellulite I had on my thighs. There was so much that I have saddlebags on my thighs just to hold it all. My shame and fear of wearing shorts and mini skirts forced me to try to do something about this. I mean I can’t be expected to NEVER wear shorts & minis again. I plan to be quite the cougar/floozy when I’m a seasoned old lady. So many of the remedies on the market are wildly expensive. I couldn’t afford that and since I’m all about the natural stuff I wanted to find a natural way to rid myself of it. What did I come up with after my research? My natural cellulite remedy- dry skin brushing, really works for a lot of women.
The name is pretty self explanatory. You get a big ole brush and go to town on your skin. Of course it’s not as simple as that. It has to be done in a certain way. You start at one of your extremities (hands/feet) and work your way to your heart in each direction (meaning feet to heart and then hands to heart. Make sure not to brush in the wrong direction as I’ve heard there could be real problems with that. I made a Dry Skin Brushing Video when I started, containing the wealth of information that I had researched at the time and a demonstration of how to do it properly.

Does this work?
Well I wasn’t consistent enough to give any feedback about my own cellulite. My very first 2 times trying it I got a boil under my arm and excessive edema (swelling caused by water).–>

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Dry skin brushing cleansing my lymph system
Dry skin brushing is also a well known way to cleanse the lymph system. I believe that is what caused the cleansing symptoms and got my body trying to eliminate toxins quickly. After I got over my symptoms my boyfriend used my brush on his skin where he had a fungus. I never used it again and never got back into it.
Anyway, I do know of at least two people that did get back to me after I made the video. They did it and reported back that it really did work for them. I have also seen several articles online pointing to the same evidence.
I watched an episode of Doctor Oz where he was talking about cellulite treatments. He said that massagers were effective in eliminating the appearance of cellulite. Dry skin brushing falls into this category. Either way, it can’t hurt because it is a healthy practice and cleansing your lymph system is recommended even if you don’t have cellulite. I’m getting a new brush and jumping back into the practice. I’ll report back in a while. Be sure to do the same. Check out the video and let me know how it goes.
P.S. Natural bristle brushes are the best. I prefer boar bristles myself. Here are a few brushes to check out to get started cleansing your system and ridding your self of cellulite and toxins!
Regular Brush- Bath and Body Brush Long Handle Natural Bristle
Extra Long Boar Bristle- 18” Detachable Long Handle Natural Boar Bristle Brush

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