Protective Style: 1920’s Flapper Girl Hair Style

1920’s Flapper Girl Hair Style
I have another protective style for you ladies! This style is very reminiscent of the cloche hat that was popularized in the roaring 20’s. The 1920’s ushered in the age of the Flapper girl, who was a defiant young girl often with the buckle of her shoes flapping in the wind. She wore low waisted dresses, finger waves and bobbed hair. The flapper girls also donned hair adornments like feathers and of course cloche hats. I have recaptured this look of the roaring 20’s with this SUPER EASY protective style.
I initially got the idea for this style from fellow youtuber Stormy hair. She did a style very similar about a year ago. I did a tiny tweak which used braiding instead of twisting and the style just took off.
Updated Flapper Girl Hairstyle
I had no idea what it would look like. I tried it with bright accessories and although it looked a little less “Cloche-like”, the look of a side flower (given by the tiny bun made with the loose braid) is still super cute and nostalgic feeling. Here’s the tutorial for this style. It’s neat and polished but amazingly easy to achieve and pull off. Happy hair styling! Stay protected. For the alternative from Stormy hair, click here–>


2 thoughts on “Protective Style: 1920’s Flapper Girl Hair Style

  1. My hair is fine and I’ve been a little over a year of no relaxers, when I wash it curls it’s extremely curly but I want wear the hairstyles with twists and etc. I don’t want to keep putting heat to my hair; right now I get pressed out. Any suggestions.

    1. Well twists will stretch out the curls. That’s what they are used for often. Twisting on dry hair elongates more. Wet hair like to shrink back up. You can try stretching with banding for that.

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