Protective Style Challenge: Growth Until 2013

I think we all know one of the best ways to retain length is with protective styling. For this reason I am undergoing a Protective Style Challenge and I wanted to get a few F.U.N. friends to do it with me. December is my 3 year nappiversary/nappyversary. I want to have more hair than I have ever seen on this head (that I can remember).

Wanna watch the Video instead?

Of course in theory this will give me only 1 inch of hair in 2 months but I never use the word ONLY when it comes to growth. Just a hazard of having been “Bald Headed Aisa” for so long. I invite that 1 inch and I raise it any additional length it throws my way. I am super excited about the whole thing. First off it keeps your hair protected and imparts longer hair. It also allows me to wear the same hairstyle for multiple days. Ah. Imagine being able to wear the same hairstyle all week or 2 weeks for that matter. I am going to enjoy it for the most part except the rush take downs I will have to do for auditions/interviews that might come up. The only thing that could take me off my game is if I am chosen as one of the models for the Entwine hair Model Contest. Fingers Crossed but not holding my breath. You can die that way. I hate doing these things alone though. Its F.U.N. when we have a group effort.
Rules are simple.
Keep your hair in a protective style (i.e. a style where your ends are tucked away and/or protected from clothing, bedding, wind, rain, sun etc) for at least 5 days out of the week.
Starts November 1st. Ends December 30 or 31st. I probably won’t do a reveal until Jan.
Be sure to do any trimming before you start.
That’s it. Who’s with me? If you want to join this challenge with me just write “I’m in” below in the comments section. I’m ecstatic just thinking about it.

11 thoughts on “Protective Style Challenge: Growth Until 2013

  1. I’m way in…
    Right now I’ve had my hair in cornrows and twists (Mohawk style) for a week now. But I’m thinking of getting a weave for my birthday this month until Dec/Jan, will that count?

  2. I’m way in also … I have been in protective style since September!! I was so over messing with the natural.. and im really enjoyng the break.. -;) still want to join the challenge .. Hope it’s ok …

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