Protective Style: Sanjaya inspired Frohawk – Faux Hawk

Protective Style Faux Hawk/Frohawk 2011
Protective Style Faux Hawk/Frohawk. The protective style challenge started yesterday November 1, 2012 but my video wasn’t uploaded until late last night. I decided to post it today. I was asked last year if I could come up with a protective Frohawk or Faux hawk. I accepted the challenge and came up with this little twist on a previous hairstyle I had tried. I got my ques from Sanjaya of American Idol fame. His most popular hairstyle during his stint on the show was a faux hawk done by lining ponytails down the center of his head. The stylists then did something to make the hair stand up. That hairstyle is also awesome and I’ll probably share it at some point but to make it protective, it simply required a little tucking and pinning.
Protective Style: Faux Hawk – Frohawk 2012
Btw, someone on youtube told me this style took 10 years off me. Who knew?
Give it a try. Can you get more than 4 bumps? Do you see the potential of this style as both adorable and Haute/high fashion?

Caution: Feel free to use gel,shea butter or product to smooth hair on the sides instead of pulling the ponytails/buns too tight. Pulling hair tight can lead to breakage and alopecia!

Helpful Hint: This style can be simplified by stretching or blow drying shorter hair first.

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