Protective Styles: Twisted Updos with Pompadours

We are still on the protective style challenge and these styles are sure to please. They are very simple to achieve, pretty and dare I say “elegant”? I think so. Its amazing the things you can come up with when you’re really trying. I actually came up with two protective hairstyles for this post, so you get two for the hassle of one. Lol. These twisted updo protective styles vary in the front/bang area. The rear view is for both styles. They both have 2 simple twists from nape to crown. Check out the video tutorial below. Be sure to subscribe to the For Us Naturals Youtube Channel.

2 thoughts on “Protective Styles: Twisted Updos with Pompadours

  1. i love this it is so cute…my hair is not as long but i going to try it even if i have to put my twist to it i will….keep up the good work

    1. Awesome. I’m glad you like the styles. They are really easy. Also you could add in some extension hair and braid up the back instead of the twist. You could even twist in some hair. Fingers crossed that you get great results.

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