R.I.P. Dawnyele & KylahsMom1-Naturalista Deaths

The natural hair community is vast and varied and there are tons of bloggers and vloggers showing off their know how, expertise, style and reviews. Among them, 2 of our bright stars have died this year (so far).

R.I.P. Dawnyele (Natural Hair Vlogger)
R.I.P. Ladies. First we lost Kylahsmom1, a Natural hair youtube video maker, just a few months ago. This week we lost another one. Dawnyele is also a naturalista who makes videos over on youtube. Although I did not follow her directly lots of people who I do know and/or follow happen to subscribe to her and it appears that many are very shaken up. I pray for the family’s of these ladies, especially their children. If you don’t know, Dawnyele was pregnant at the time of her passing. Her baby was saved and I have heard that he is in ICU. Her husband is really struggling right now.
KylahsMom1 Died in August

Friends of the late vloggers took to video to express their feelings of loss. This time around though we are asking for a donation of a gift for the baby. They are calling it a virtual babyshower. CoilyheadChick has been in contact with Dawn’s husband and with the overwhelming flood of people wanting to help and send condolences he has agreed to us having his address to send donations etc. Gifts for baby and family can be sent:

Partee Family
17205 E 48th St Ct S
Independence, MO 64055

This is the original link to Toys R Us where she is registered

The online community has put together a separate registry if you don’t want to do the Toys R Us thing.

I am aware that times are hard so it won’t matter how much you donate, but if you can give a little please do so. Please also continue to pray and/or send positive loving energy to the family’s of both of these women and may KylahsMom1 and Dawnyele Rest in Peace.

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