Green Smoothies: Raw Vegetables bad for you?

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Green Smoothie with Sauteed Spinach
We all hear the hoopla surrounding veganism, vegetarianism and being omnivorous. Many believe that eating plant based foods is the best way to be healthy. Even MOST meat based ways of eating don’t dispute the health benefits of vegetables; but sometimes are vegetables bad for you ? The answer is a resounding “Yes”. For the same reasons that you will find that you have to rotate your greens in your smoothies you will find that eating all your veggies raw might not be as healthy for you as many think. Cruciferous vegetables are goitrogens and are especially noted for inhibiting thyroid function. There are also other goitrogens like strawberries, fluoride (found in water & tea) and spinach. Goitrogens hinder the uptake of iodine into the thyroid. This is a necessary function for your body to manufacture enough thyroid hormones. Without proper thyroid function you can look forward to goiters, and symptoms of under-active thyroid (hypothyroidism) such as continuous tiredness, gaining weight, depression, sensitivity to cold, dry hair and skin and muscular aches.
What can be done?
Well this usually refers to raw vegetables so cooking your veggies could help to absorb more iodine from your food. I know we always hear that cooking will kill the “living enzymes” but it is helpful to do some of the time. Most people that like to eat raw vegetables do so in the form of smoothies and juicing. I have tried sauteeing veggies for my smoothie and it turned out delicious. (I don’t juice so I don’t know if its possible.) Here’s the recipe and more info. Don’t forget to comment!

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