Scalp psoriasis or Seborrheic Dermatitis?

OK. It’s been a great while since I posted anything about my hair or anybody else’s for that matter. There’s a reason. There always is. My number one reason is that I have started working out like it is my job! Actually, it kinda is. I started a fitness channel on Youtube -> Fun Fit Aisa and also a 2 instagram pages (Fun Fit Aisa & Fit Naturals) related to fitness and they have facebook and twitter pages to go along with them. O.K. so if you’ve ever worked out before, you know that the first issue is that it is very hard to style my hair in any respectable hairstyle with lots of exercising (given I have tightly coiled hair) because of the constant sweating. It is often tangled and shrunken and just plain out ugly. It’s my struggle. That isn’t the only thing holding me back though. A year or so ago I noticed some white stuff on my scalp- right after washing it; in fact it was still wet! What could be on my scalp that didn’t wash off with shampoo and friction? I was worried but I let it go because it wasn’t bothering me in my day to day life. I went to see Dr. Kari, trichologist & stylist to the stars. She showed me my scalp up close and it was gross. It was crackly and dry looking even though I had just washed it and moisturized one side of my head before going there. There was no difference in either side. One side of my scalp was as gross as the other. Her initial diagnosis was dry skin but I told her it was white even when wet. She told me I should consult a dermatologist. Ugh! Not happy!

After a very long time I finally got fed up. I was at work rocking some ugly Celie type twists and noticed the white all up in my parts. It looked like bird poop on my scalp! Yikes! I was so freaked out and embarrassed. I wondered how many had already noticed it before I did. I started trying to scratch it off but it was getting stuck in my twists. I wound up just using some lotion on the parts I could see to make it unrecognizable. I needed help.

At some point I finally got some health care and a primary care physician and talked to him about my issues. He seemed quite unconcerned (about other serious issues too). I told him that I believed I had scalp psoriasis because I had other seeming characteristics of psoriasis. He said “It’s probably dermatitis” and basically NEVER got me my referral for my dermatologist appointment. I’m left figuring this out myself. Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing.

I know that many auto-immune diseases are a result of inflammation and in case you haven’t read this blog before I have tons of it. I decided to look into the foods that I’m eating to see if I noticed a change. I began with my beloved bacon. I wanted to remove something that I didn’t grow up eating and had basically just ushered into my daily life recently. I have to say this was really hard for me, as I had grown to really love the stuff. I also planned on removing eggs, and milk. Well…..I gave up. After losing my bacon I became pretty pissed. I did however, unintentionally, cut down my milk consumption. I was cutting calories and some things I’d heard about milk in the news made me say “No” to it on many occasions. I had recently upped my dairy consumption because I needed protein snacks after workouts to retain my muscles. I am lactose intolerant anyway, so I should know better but I really like milk products and I couldn’t imagine dodging it all together. So, I stopped with the cottage cheese and cut back on cheese, yogurt -and ice cream.

Result: I still have the issues with my scalp but it isn’t as bad as it was at some point. I’m still doing ice cream and cheese and salty pork meats sometimes. As long as it is not overwhelming my life I can deal. I just wanted to know what you guys think it is. I have signs of psoriasis on my fingernails with nail pitting and my toes on one foot are horrible. I thought it was fungus but realized that toenail psoriasis looks the same. I’ve also started getting some weird skin layers growing inside my ears. It’s a toss up between seborrheic dermatitis and psoriasis but I’m leaning towards the big “P” because of the symptoms and because of my issues with inflammation related disorders.

Anyone else dealing with this or something similar? What did you do? Do you have an opinion about what’s up with my scalp? Let me know down below in the comments.

4 thoughts on “Scalp psoriasis or Seborrheic Dermatitis?

  1. My daughter also has same hair type and very active. She had this condition but hers would stink I’m assuming from sweating and it itched. We also went to the dermatologist spent $$ on creams that did not work. I finally just bought a bottle of head and shoulders and she washed her hair twice a week and after a month it was completely gone. I hope this helps

  2. It called sebreic dematitis. I know I misspelled it. The ketaconozol shampoo works. I would even wash my face with it sometimes. I like the Talia waajid stimulating herbal cleanser. It works very well. I hope this helps.

  3. sorry dear…we are in the same category…you’ve got dandruff( very pitiful condition) really disturbs and keeps reoccurring… I got it too it had gone and now it’s back… mine was bad I had to cut my hair down to the root .. ketoconazole cream help clear the first phase.. and am now back on the same treatment again..

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