Starburst “Pietop” Updo- Protective Style

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I found the inspiration for this style on youtube from Cerinebabyyish. She is an Asian girl that braids like she grew up in the projects. Lol. My hair doesn’t look anything like hers because I made a regular cornrow braid instead of a french braid. She called it a Starburst Explosion Updo but mine looks more like a turtle shell or a pie crust. I call it the Starburst Pietop Updo.

4 thoughts on “Starburst “Pietop” Updo- Protective Style

    1. Hmmm. Not sure. I learned how to braid upside down because I taught myself. It is hard for people to learn from me. I still need some help. I wanna learn to French braid. I can do some hot styles then.

    1. I was name it The Turtle shell updo or Turtle Pie updo. I decided that women won’t like it if I mention it looking like a turtle. Lol. I got the style from somebody else though but yeah. It was a good idea.

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