Welcome to For Us Naturals’ kickoff and Giveaway

We are back and hopefully with a better game plan. Thank you to all the supporters that have been helping us to grow, slowly but surely. I know that many of our readers have realized that the focus has changed over time. We started off with just “Natural Hair” as a topic, first creating youtube videos and then starting a blog. My hair has had many setbacks but many triumphs as well. I started trying to use a lot natural products in my hair and while searching for natural ingredients I came to find that toxins can hurt a lot more than just hair. Our bodies and, in turn, our health can be impacted by many choices that we make on a daily basis. Just changing a few things to healthier alternatives can make you feel as liberated as you did when you did the big chop. I am so happy that you have decided to come along on this ride. How happy you say? This happy–> I have implored the help of my good friend Rasheeda of “Kiss Kiss Darling Boutique” to help me with a giveaway for For Us Naturals readers/followers.

For Us Naturals & Kiss Kiss Darling Prizes

We have got some awesome jewelry pieces that are sure to please the lady that loves accessories (isn’t that all of us?) I made a short youtube video showcasing what we will be giving away to kickoff the new For Us Naturals website.

The rules:

1.You must subscribe to the For Us Naturals youtube channel. Click link ->http://youtube.com/user/forusnaturals  and then click “SUBSCRIBE”.

2.You must “Like” the Kiss Kiss Darling boutique facebook fan page. Click here -> http://facebook.com/kisskissdarling and just click the big LIKE button.

3. Write -I subbed- along with your facebook name in the comment section below or on the video (on youtube).

Sorry. U.S. subscribers only.

18 and older only.

Jennifer Henry

52 thoughts on “Welcome to For Us Naturals’ kickoff and Giveaway

  1. What a great job you’ve done. You work so hard and it shows in the quality. I am so proud of you. Anything you need, or help in anyway just let me know. Much adoration and admiration to one of the most beautiful women on earth.

  2. Hi there! I subbed to your new channel (was previously subbed to old one). Great giveaway…my name is Tamra Carroll on FB. Looking forward to more of your vids. Thanks!

    1. You can’t have subbed before because this is a brand new website and a brand new youtube channel. I just started it last week.

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