Who are These Bantu Knot wearing Models breaking the Internet!

Natural Hair Models that only wear Bantu Knots

I’ve seen this beautiful picture of these 2 bantu knot rocking ladies floating around online for a while. I wondered who these women were and what this picture was all about. After some investigating, I found out that they are models that seem to work very often with a designer named Rose Palhares.
Africans with Braids and Bantu knots

I don’t know her name but here she is slaying alone. I’ll call her Miss Intellectual Chocolate

After I found Rose the designer’s Instagram page, I scrolled through to see that although she works with quite a few models, she seems to like these 2 ladies a lot. I can see why. The contrast in complexion along with the similarities of most other things, like height, hairstyle and makeup really make them a beautiful duo.

I don’t have a name on this beauty here either, but she stuns in this sexy slim dress. Don’t you think?

Have you also seen these gorgeous ladies breaking the internet with their striking beauty? Have you noticed that they almost exclusively wear bantu knots for modeling and photo shoots? I guess it’s their signature look. If you’ve also been wondering who they were, let me know down in those comments. I know I’m not the only one. If you KNOW WHO THEY ARE- Definitely let us all know down in the comments.

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