Why Cantu Leave-In is DEAD to me! Unless they REPENT.

The “Natural Hair Movement” has been going strong for about 10 years now and that is a wonderful thing. Some of the holy grail products of this movement are/were shea butter, aloe vera juice/gel, glycerin, olive oil and coconut oil for natural products. As far as store bought products shea moisture curl enhancing smoothie and Cantu leave-in have also received lots of fanfare. Well, NO MORE! Cantu has gone and done that thing that companies like to do when they get too big for their britches. I mean the company expanded their line and now has a ton of other products besides their original leave-in; but the original was their bread and butter and they muffed it up.


They recently changed their ingredients. They added a chemical that is basically a moisture killer for any type of hair. Answer me this. Who thinks that putting rubbing alcohol on hair is a good idea? *Cantu company raises its hand.* WRONG CANTU!!! Put your stupid hand down. Yes. That’s it. They have changed the ingredient list and the ingredients now include isopropyl alcohol aka rubbing alcohol. It is really sad because as stated above Cantu leave-in has been an affordable staple in many a natural hair regimen but I don’t think people should use it anymore. I’m not going as far as saying that we should boycott but I hate when a company decides to cut corners and doesn’t alert their customers. We’d all just start wondering why our favorite moisturizers suddenly stopped working and we’d think our hair must have changed, but we didn’t change. They did. Big Mistake!

I’m done with it unless they go back to the original formula or I am able to find some jars of the good ole stuff. What about you? Will you give the new Cantu leave-in formula a try or are they also dead to you? #CantDoCantu

P.S. Here’s a great Leave in conditioner!

6 thoughts on “Why Cantu Leave-In is DEAD to me! Unless they REPENT.

  1. I knew something was different! This was my favorite leave when I first went natural 7 years ago. All of a sudden my hair wasn’t as moisturize as before! I’m throwing it out! Thanks for the information!😃

  2. Ohhh my…it was driving me crazy,, trying to understand what was an wasn’t happening to my hair,,I started using cantu leave in repair . 4 years ago,,and I used it almost daily a bit of water an I was off to go..an now the past 5 montgs I began using it again after a brief break from it last year..its totally off!!

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