Naturalneiicey got some poppin curls

Beautiful flowing curly hair @NaturalNeiicey

Facebook 11 Pinterest643 Twitter 0 Google+0 Naturalneiicey has a ton of gorgeous beautiful curls! Pin your favorite picture! @NaturalNeiicey letting her curls do what they do! Here @naturalneiicey has her hair pushed back with a[…]

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Loanna's Signature Afro Hairstyle

Loanna Novaes’ Huge Beautiful Afro Hairstyles

Facebook 7 Pinterest200 Twitter 0 Google+0 The beautiful Loanna Novaes of Brazil is a Afro rocking bombshell. I’ve seen her many styles all over the net and I had to hunt her down on her[…]

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Pretty Pucker & Wild Fro

Afro Beauty Sends Us a Kiss

Facebook 9 Pinterest1093 Twitter 0 Google+0 We don’t know who this beauty is but we couldn’t pass up featuring her. The pucker is pretty but the hair is FLYYYY! Facebook 9 Pinterest1093 Twitter 0 Google+0

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Hair designed into a wheel shape

Kinky Hair Styled like a Wheel.

Facebook 3 Pinterest1 Twitter 0 Google+0 This is an extremely interesting look. It looks a little like a bike wheel or car rims but then again it also reminds me of driving wheel. Whatever the[…]

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Straight Natural Hair with Turquoise Eye

Super Short Big Chop on Straight Natural Hair

Facebook 1 Pinterest93 Twitter 0 Google+0 This woman is a stunning beauty! She is definitely one that can pull off a very short look. Her makeup is also beautiful and I love how it accents[…]

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Fluffed out Afro

Kishmycurls looks amazing from Hair to feet!

Facebook 54 Pinterest616 Twitter 0 Google+0 @KishmyCurls is beautiful with gorgeous hair to match. No matter how she styles it she just can’t lose. That is the reason that we just had to feature this[…]

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